Founded in 2004, The Beverly School of Kenya is a private Co-Educational Prep/Primary school pivoted on an enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) academic program. Modeled on the KCPE/KCSE and IGCSE curriculum, the Beverly School of Kenya offers a center of academic excellence that will develop our students into future leaders.

Our rich co-curriculum package includes Red cross, debating, journalism, performing arts, science club, Aviator club, among others.

Our Curriculum

Early Childhood

  • Playground
  • PP1
  • PP2

Kenyan Curriculum (CBC)

  • Primary: 1 – 6 (8-4-4)
  • Junior High School: 7 – 8
  • Senior High School: 9 -13

International Curriculum (IGCSE)

  • Year 1 -7
  • Year 8 – 11 (O Levels)
  • Year 12 – 13 (A Levels)

academic Performance

Our students perform very well in academics both at the Preparatory and Senior/High School levels, competing favorably with other schools in both the national and international curriculum.

The Beverly School of Kenya curriculum’s foundation is based on two essential and interconnected parts; Performance and Moral Character.  Performance character is a mastery orientation consisting of qualities such as diligence, perseverance, strong work ethic, positive attitude, ingenuity, and self-discipline. These traits are needed to realize one’s potential for excellence in any performance environment such as academic, extracurricular activities, and everyday life.  Moral character is a relationship orientation consisting of qualities such as integrity, respect, compassion, and cooperation which are essential for interpersonal relationships and ethical conduct. Instilling this framework into our curriculum will prepare our students with qualities that will support their development in and outside of the classroom.


Beverly School of Kenya lays special emphasis on science education, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Learning about science enables students to explore the organization and structure of the social, economic, political and technological world.  They learn how science and technology are inter-related, and how their applications shape the way humans live.

With state of the art academic facilities equipped with tools for learning, BSK is able to achieve our goal of creating an environment where all students can excel in the field of STEM.

What motivated us to build our educational foundation on STEM?

Today’s students need skills that will enable them to understand and address a variety of issues across STEM disciplines. Studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics unlocks a full range of opportunities. Exposure to STEM will enable our students to acquire knowledge in which they can apply in solving everyday challenges. Our goal is to develop young scholars by educating through hands on activities that enhance knowledge and problem solving skills at an early age.

Beverly School of Kenya is an enhanced community that provides its residents with an array of amenities. We want our students to learn and grow in a sustainable environment. The Mark I. Gelfand STEM labs complex is a perfect example of the exclusivity our students receive when they become part of the BSK community. The building is named after notarized scientist and philanthropist Mark I. Gelfand of Swampscott, Massachusetts. The facility offers students an expansive work environment with equipment to further their knowledge. The Complex is equipped with state of the art Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Computer labs.

Future Farmer Schools Program

Future Young Farmers program is agriculture and financial literacy program that is spearheaded by Beverly School of Kenya promoting agriculture among the youth. The program equips youth with the financial, business and agricultural skills that can benefit themselves, their families and their communities.