Why would a family residing in the United States of America want to send their daughter/son to Beverly School of Kenya during the months of May – August? This is the time when school is out for three months and it can be a long trying period if the same children are not meaningfully engaged with structured activities under supervision of a trustworthy adult.

Some parents send their children to summer camp or spend monotonous and valuable time in and out of shopping malls or beaches if there any nearby. This is also a time when many children spend time in front of the tube watching programs that do not add any value to their lives.  Have you as a parent ever thought of sending your daughter or son overseas? We have just the right solution for you and your child. Bring your adolescent daughter/son for a memorable experience at Beverly School of Kenya, in Nyandarua County. We have had three families try out the program since 2013 and we are willing to share their testimonies and experiences with you. One middle school student is just winding up his stay this August (2015).

At Beverly School your child will be exposed to interactions of a connected community. A place they are taken through intellectually stimulating activities ranging from learning and understanding how a school farm works and is managed, getting to know different types of seeds, land preparation for seedbeds and seedling transplanting, how organic farming works by preparing organic manure and folia to preparation of wholesome animal feed for cows and rabbits. The school has a rabbitry where your child can participate in feeding and caring for rabbits, learn the science behind rabbits, including learning the different breed types.

Your child will also be exposed to nature walks at the foot of the Aberdare Ranges. Beverly School overlooks the famous and scenic mountains. Your child will learn about the surrounding geography including Thompsons Falls in Nyahururu, the famous Magura Waterfalls in the Aberdares National Park next to the Queen’s Picnic Site. Queen Elizabeth and her prince camped and had lunch here in the 1950’s, with its river Gura a tributary of the Tana River and the famous caves used by Dedan Kimathi as a hideout from British Soldiers during the Mau Mau War of independence. Your son/daughter will also learn about the geography and economic activities of the surrounding areas by visiting some of the world class flower farms in Naivasha to see how cut flowers are grown and the entire process of how they get to the market place thousands of miles away. Your child will also interact with students from as far places as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Republic of Congo, Nigeria and learn about different cultures, language, African cuisines etc. Your son/daughter will also be subjected to a rigorous academic program in the classroom. Most importantly your son/daughter will be engaged in community service in various areas around Kinangop. The objective is to teach service to our boys and girls, young men and women. 

Giving your child an opportunity to experience these amazing moments will most likely make a lifelong impression about their attitude to life. These impressions coupled with actual immersion into the typical day of a child in Africa will also drive home an appreciative attitude in your child for their own life. Start making plans and enquiries about the program for your child for 2016 by sending us an email at