BSK Primary School Soccer Team

Athletic Programs significantly impact students, the institution and the community. Athletic Programs promote hard work and dedication. Most importantly, team activities help encourage leadership and empathy. We are currently working on the development of our athletics department. We believe we have the foundation to be a great competitor in athletics. We continue to make strides towards that vision with your support.


  • Physical Education
High School Soccer team

The physical education department is put in place to provide our students with an extensive and well-balanced physical education curriculum. Our goal is to provide a curriculum that will help students develop a positive attitude toward maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. PE will build character, leadership skills, organizational skills, and most important the effects of exercise on our mind and body. We offer a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. Physical education is another learning tool that promotes positivity and success.

  • Soccer (boys and girls teams)
  • Track and Field (co-ed)