Student Life

Campus Safety

Our  community makes it safe for people to work, learn, and live. Public Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Public Safety Officers receive continual training and are certified in public safety procedures.  Our experienced officers are always accessible. We have a certified nurse available on campus for the health and well being of our students, faculty and guests. Our mission is to provide a safe location that delivers peace of mind; so that our kids are provided with an environment conducive to study.

Student Housing and Dining

All of our students and faculty live on campus. It is a convenient method that keeps our community active. Within our residential communities, we offer traditional rooms in single-sex and co-ed residence halls, along with a variety of focused living and cultural opportunities. Our dormitory rooms are furnished with two bunk beds, four individual storage units, a desk, and much more.

Beverly school of Kenya hosts a modern dining hall where students, faculty, and staff gather to unwind while having a fresh made meal and discuss a variety of topics.

Our state of the art Dining center is staffed with professional chefs who prepare meals with fresh produce that is grown on our campus farm. We at the Beverly School of Kenya promote sustainable practices that reduce the institutions environmental impact in an economically responsible manner.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide our students with opportunity to take on leadership roles at the Beverly school of Kenya. Joining a student organization provides our students with the chance to exercise communication skills by networking and attending events. The development of social skills is an important objective in our student life; and our various organizations aid in achieving that very objective. Most importantly we strive for our students to have fun and build long lasting relationships with other students and faculty.

  • Student Council
  • Science Club
  • Scouting Movement
  • Journalism Club
  • Environment Club
  • Debate Club
  • Photography Club
  • Aviator Club
  • Red Cross Club


We offer a variety of leadership opportunities for our students at the Beverly School of Kenya. We provide qualified mentors, advisors, and guides who are there to assist our students in building a better future. We look to develop characteristics in association with collaborative approaches to conflict, self-efficiency, and social interest. We also invite our students to various events that promote leadership through diversity, decision making, ethics, and challenging that status quo.


Our workshops are intended to broaden the knowledge base of our students. The various workshops we offer, aim to improve student interaction with professionals, build positive relationships, and increase the probability of success amongst our students. We discuss topics including academic planning, life after secondary school, career choices, and leadership roles.

Field Trips

Field trips expand our students minds, and provide them with long lasting memories. Our trips have the ability to influence career choice, strengthen critical thinking, and increase interest in a particular subject. We want to mold our students into young men and women who have an appreciation for art, culture, and history. Field trips help broaden the educational understanding and make subjects more relatable.